The Modern Gentleman


There are some things a man should just know how to do, be it looking after his finances, dressing well, working hard or playing harder.


As part of its inaugural MAN ISSUE, AY About You reached out to experts in the community to get their takes on what the modern man should know on a variety of topics. They shared their expertise to help keep men healthy, wealthy and wise, a primer for living one’s best life.


Here’s what they told us:


Advice for the modern gentleman: HOW TO DRESS


Mr. Wicks Men’s Clothing

5924 R St. • Little Rock



As it has long been said, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Be it networking in business, managing your personal life or moving in social circles, what you wear says a lot about you to prospective employers, potential clients and future mates.


With the onset of casual Fridays and the work-from-home ethos of the pandemic, dressing well has fallen by the wayside for many men. And while there’s nothing wrong with being comfortable, there’s also something to be said for good taste, an eye for detail and pride in one’s appearance that starts with one’s wardrobe.


Part of the problem that has degraded men’s wardrobes has been the disappearance of independent men’s clothing stores that once helped gentlemen of all ages find their style, build their collection and maintain their image as well-tailored people of taste. As society increasingly turned to the shopping mall and, more recently, to online shopping for their clothing needs, men’s clothiers disappeared in droves, taking with them the old-world commitment to quality and expertise for which such places were known.


Fortunately, not every such store has gone the way of the rotary phone. Mr. Wicks, located in Little Rock’s elegant Heights neighborhood, is keeping the tradition of the well-dressed man alive. The knowledgeable staff and comfortable environment of Mr. Wicks has welcomed generations of men who appreciate the look and feel of fine clothing at work and leisure.


Mark Evans, owner, shared some pointers for the well-dressed man — timeless advice that can be applied to any generation or price point. 



• Every man’s closet needs a charcoal, navy or black suit. A high-quality navy sport jacket that pairs well with khaki slacks or a nice pair of jeans always makes a man’s wardrobe complete. Be sure to have a pair of black slip-on dress shoes, but don’t forget to have a comfortable pair of nice tennis shoes that work with most everything on this list. Throw in a tie or two with a few pairs of great, colorful socks and you’re wardrobe-ready.


• Be sure your clothes fit! How many times have you seen a guy who is wearing pants that are 2 or 3 inches too long and a suit jacket with sleeves that are down to his knuckles? Don’t let fit ruin your look – go see a tailor. A few tweaks and a clothing disaster looks like a custom fit.


• Mixing patterns helps you make the look your own. A tie with stripes pairs well with a shirt that has checks. Also, a tie with dots works perfectly with a striped shirt. 




• Accessories are a great way to add color that pops without causing you to stand out too much. A pocket round always adds a touch of class with a sport coat, whether you’re wearing it with slacks or jeans. 


• Another popular way to add color is with fun socks. There are endless options that really do make statements of fun and fashion.


• Transitioning your wardrobe from season to season isn’t too difficult here in Arkansas; the key is to wear layers. Add a quarter-zip pullover that you can easily slip off, and have a great color T-shirt underneath. Off the clock, wearing a fashion sweatshirt with shorts is always a good outfit as seasons change.


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