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Advanced Physical Therapy was founded in 2006. It was one of the first private, outpatient physical therapy clinics to provide pelvic health services to central Arkansas and to educate members of the community in all seasons of life that their issues are common, but not normal.


In the almost two decades since, the company has expanded exponentially while retaining the same passion and dedication to patient wellness. Today, with the addition of orthopedic and lymphatic therapy, the exceptional therapists at Advanced Physical Therapy advocate for holistic care, educating patients about their health and bodies and providing best practices that lead to a healthy, pain-free life.


The practice is staffed by a growing team of experts with the highest credentials in physical and occupational therapy, personal training and sport-specific therapy. Advanced Physical Therapy has multiple clinics in the central Arkansas area, but they all share one purpose: to make a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of each patient who walks through the doors. Patients may turn to Advanced Physical Therapy when they have a specific ailment, but when they leave, they are equipped with the tools and techniques needed to maintain both a healthy body and mind.



Advanced Physical Therapy has grown to include five locations across central Arkansas, allowing its experienced therapists to serve even more people. At every location, APT prioritizes cleanliness and employs the most up-to-date features. Current locations include three in Little Rock — on Rodney Parham, at the CARTI Cancer Center and in the SoMa District — and one each in North Little Rock and Benton.

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Members of the Advanced Physical Therapy team prioritize relationships above all else. They listen to patients’ ambitions and aspirations with intention, and they build connections to help heal holistically. APT clinicians specialize in a variety of areas, including sports-specific screens from the Titleist Performance Institute, which is geared towards golfers; OnBaseU for athletes focused on throwing and hitting; and medical bike fits for cyclists.



Patients should note that one does not need a referral to see a physical therapist. APT takes all major insurances, and most, including Medicare, will cover therapy without a referral. The APT team verifies benefits for patients so that there are no surprises on the cost of their services. In addition to general orthopedic pre-hab and re-hab, APT clinicians can treat for issues such as:


• Vertigo

• Headaches

• Jaw pain

• LSVT BIG for individuals with Parkinson’s Disease

• Bowel, bladder and sexual dysfunction

• Pediatric pelvic health

• Individuals undergoing or recovering from breast cancer treatment

• Lymphedema/lipedema



As the Center of Whole Health, Advanced Physical Therapy partners with a variety of providers, including medical doctors, counselors, nutritionists and more, to provide patients with the most holistic and well-rounded care. The APT team also constantly seeks opportunities to give back, educate and support, whether that means putting therapists on the sidelines for sports teams, educating hospitals and providers about the benefits of therapy or contributing to different organizations.


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