For this week’s segment of Adoptable Dogs, AY About You gets a visit from the diverse and loving pups at the Humane Society of Rogers. In this feature, you’ll get to read some of the exclusive interviews that we were able to get with these good boys and girls during their outing at the Bark Park. Each one of these doggos told us a little bit about themselves, and why they’d like to be part of your family! All of these fuzzy buddies are spayed, neutered, and up to date on vaccinations. You can adopt one of these lovely pups here




2 year old male Rottweiler and German Shepherd mix

“All play and no work.”

Aggie is a handsome, powerfully built, playful canine who shares lots of smiles with his human friends. When Aggie decides to take a break, he likes swimming around in a “doggy pool” and putting his head underwater in search of an occasionally miss-tossed treat. Aggie has been working with a Humane Society volunteer and now walks nicely on leash, sits on request, and is being taught to remain in that position till released. 

He is still a puppy (a rather large one) at heart and has some work to do on developing better manners and would be happiest as the only canine in the family. One of his current talents is the innate ability to make you feel comfortably protected and secure. As with most Rottweilers, Aggie is confident and courageous with a self-assured persona. He confided to the photographer that despite his name, he is in reality a true fan of the Razorbacks. He also shared that he isn’t overly impressed with a certain A & M Collie mascot. As you would expect, Aggie’s mascot role model is none other than Tusk V.




1 year old female Rottweiler

“Camille is a man’s best friend…seriously.”

Camille shows off her amazing eye/mouth coordination any time a treat is tossed in her general direction. Camille has come a long way from when she first arrived at the Humane Society for Animals in Rogers.

But sometimes, she still experiences some fear responses to her past. She reacts aggressively to some women but is much more comfortable interacting with men. As a part of her continuing socialization, Camille successfully completed a lengthy car ride with the Humane Society director. She appreciated the outing and enjoyed the chance to experience the freedom of watching the world go by. 

Camille still pulls hard on her leash and will need an adopter with dog savvy that can handle a strong canine. In the here and now of the Bark Park photo session, Camille continuously shared her friendly smiles with the photographer. When you look into her expressively adoring eyes, she shows a glimpse of her true self, expressing thankfulness for another chance at life.



Care Baer

Young, male, pit bull terrier mix

“Make time to stop and smell the roses.”

Care Baer, in another life, was a botanist.

On the way to the Bark Park for his photo session, Care Baer decided to change the photographer’s plan and pulled him with some determination into the center of the canine flower field of dreams where Care Baer peacefully posed with his characteristic ear-to-ear smile, accompanied by his favorite teddy bear squeaky (who had also been ‘talked” into sharing this floral adventure).

Care Baer confided to the photographer that he has dreams of becoming a botanist. He also wants to share that the yellow flowers are his favorite, and he suspects that they are a type of Buttercup.

3-year-old Care Baer arrived at the Humane Society in tough shape, having been subjected to desertion, starvation and a lack of loving contact with a human. His fur has filled out, his health has returned, there is a sparkle in his eyes, and he is training with a talented volunteer who has reinstated his trust in humans. He still has some old habits that are being worked on, but while on a leash, Care Baer walks nicely under control. He takes treats with absolute gentleness, performs a consistent sit when requested, and has just recently learned how to do a “down”. 

He isn’t fond of all other canines and would be happiest in a home as the only dog. His spirit is inspirational, and he has a great desire to please and is learning respectful responses to all humans.

Care Baer is well known for his thespian skills (especially at the Humane Society) where he proudly posed, along with a lot of his big dog friends, for the Proper Mask Etiquette poster that adorns the entrance. It pictures a collage of canines who instruct the often-unenlightened humans how not to wear their protective masks while hoping that they will learn by examples of reverse psychology. 




1 year old female, Rottweiler and Shepherd mix

“Gentle, easy going gal.”

1-year-old Carmella is a strong girl who loves playing with toys and at the Humane Society Bark Park.

Carmella demonstrates her mellow nature as she teasingly dropped toys directly below her nose, always allowing guests to retrieve them and launch them into space again. Carmella often peacefully walks along beside guests, proudly displaying her latest toy. 

Canines, by the nature of their being, provide a lot of lessons for humans. At the end of Carmella’s Bark Park sessions, she demonstrated her competent leash skills as she walked back to the shelter with a comfortably mellow stride and her humbled human in tow. Carmella is quietly waiting for you at the Humane Society for Animals in Rogers, AR.




3 year old male Pointer and American Staffordshire Terrier mix

“The bright spot in everyone’s day.”

Moochi is an easy-going, laid-back pooch who will be a welcomed respite for humans who are hoping for an undemanding canine. Moochi appreciates a gentle touch, a thankful hug, and the kindness of an encouraging word. Moochi may not immediately fetch every toy, dash back to you from across the park, roll over with the perfect tail wag that many other canines may provide. Instead, spend a few moments with Moochi and you will be rewarded with subtle but unconditional affection. Moochi is very proud, but not boastful, of the artistic black-n-white patterns that adorn his coat. Moochi also wanted to share the simple but profound song lyrics that are truly who he is: “Where seldom is heard a discouraging word and the skies are not cloudy all day.”




3 year old female Boxer & American Staffordshire Terrier mix

“Material girl.”

Nacho is a happy canine who walks politely on leash, takes treats gently, keeps her attention focused on her human and will quickly come running to you when called. Nacho waits with amazing patience, and has an impeccable fashion sense. She will respectfully, but self-assuredly, turn up her nose at bandanas and outfits that do not fit her style. Finally, she accepted a stylish green bandana which she correctly felt was the perfect accent for her golden eyes and her beautifully patterned coat. Nacho is a medium statured dog who would be happiest in a home as the only female canine.



118 Octane

Young, female, Greyhound & Black Lab Retriever mix

“Need for speed.”

There have been many amazing high-octane canines who have had a temporary pitstop at the Humane Society of Rogers, and 118 Octane may be one of the best of all. 118 Octane dashes around the Bark Park seemingly without end, leaving humans in the dust. After realizing that she may be a little too fast for her friends to keep up, 118 Octane will relax next to her human and canine friends, showing off a few of her other talents. These talents include sitting on command, laying down, an ambidextrous shake and a sneak with an almost roll-over finale. 118 Octane also enjoys a friendly romp in the Bark Park with all the other dogs who are sharing their joy of life with an 87-octane rated frolic.




10 month old female Black Labrador Retriever and Border Collie mix

“Silent Night.”

Out of all the possibilities in the Humane Society’s Bark Park toy chest, 10-month-old Rosie didn’t pick the teddy bear, nor did she choose the squirrel or the groundhog or the braided rope or the Mickey Mouse squeaky toy. At times, Rosie is a little shy and sometimes bashful, but this time she showed off her playful, unabashed inner self, and picked out the squeakiest Santa Claus toy the world has ever seen. She tossed it into the air, pounced on it, stared it down, and then carried it proudly about the park until it became time to relax under the Persimmon tree. Rosie is one of the quietest canines we have ever met. She might have been humming a Christmas tune to herself, but no one will ever hear it above the shrill cries of joy gifted by the Santa squeaky. Check out this holiday loving canine at the Humane Society for Animals in Rogers, AR.




1 year old female Australian cattle dog and blue heeler mix

“Pretty in pink.”

Out of all the pastel colors, pink, among many of its attributes, is the most romantically ubiquitous, and the Humane Society of Rogers is the home to a canine whose favorite color is just that. She looks stunningly attractive in pink and is gifted with a pinkness that instantly captures your eye and captivates your heart. 

1-year-old Pastel is a quiet, gentle canine whose relaxed outlook on life is perfectly expressed through her charming, non-stop smiles. She walks nicely on leash and is quite proud of her ability to catch a good percentage of treats tossed in her direction. Pretty and pink have been universally tied together, even by poets as accomplished as Nobel Prize winning Rudyard Kipling. If he had met this Humane Society Pastel, there would have been a poem written just for her (probably followed by a movie). Pastel would like to let you know that pink represents femininity, romance, sensitivity, and tenderness, all of which describe who she is. She didn’t want her ego to appear too biased, but she coyly shared that pink is also inherently sweet, cute and charming.




Young male Boxer


It will only take 20 seconds of action to understand why this pup was awarded the name of one of the greatest soccer stars to have graced this planet. When he arrived for his photo session, Pelé hopped into the doggie pool for a 5 second refresher and then dashed to the other end of the Bark Park. There, he spent the next 15 minutes in an amazing non-stop display of agile athletic prowess that left the spectators breathless. His most prized possession is the oversized blue soccer ball that he brings to life with his non-stop, jaw-dropping moves that any two-legged competitor would be proud to emulate. Pelé is the maestro of the Step Over, the Cruyff, the Cut, the Body Feint and the Scoop Turn. Out of all the moves, his favorite is the Header, of which he is a true master. Pelé does an instant sit on request and takes treats with respect and gentleness. He pulls with exuberance on leash but has a caring volunteer working with him to moderate his energetic walk. Pelé’s favorite dream is to be picked as a mascot for the LA GALAXY where he can perform his magic in front of 40,000 fans (all wearing masks, of course). Pelé has a high intelligence IQ that will require a human of similar presence to appreciate and fulfill the promise of sharing life with an astoundingly gifted canine.




1 year old male Bull Mastiff

“Gentle Giant.”

Gentle canines come in many forms but there are very few who can melt your heart with an ear-to-ear smile, who can stretch into a vertical six-foot high stand, who can launch themselves into the air in pursuit of an elusive hotdog treat and who can perform an instant sit on command. 

The Humane Society of Rogers’s 1-year-old Percival is exactly that one-of-a-kind canine. 

In the expanse of the Bark Park, he chose the spot for his comfortable down pose where he was perfectly surrounded with the white blossoms of spring that mirrored his happy, friendly nature. Percival takes treats gently, but humans must understand that this breed is blessed with prodigious industrial strength slobber. Percival has a personality that is best described as adorable…..there aren’t many times when you can call a Mastiff “adorable”, but this is definitely one of those. Percival also likes his name as it reminds him of the valiant escapades of the original hero in the quest for the Holy Grail. 




2 year old male Chocolate Lab and Pit Bull Terrier mix

“Loyal adoration.”

Upon first meeting 2-year-old Quigley, most visitors to the Humane Society of Rogers are entranced by his mesmerizing eyes that can also seem somewhat intense and intimidating. Like most canines, Quigley enjoys sprinting about with wonderful abandon. Energy and frustration are playfully released as Quigley enjoys the wind on his face, and the grass against his feet. Quigley chose his name as he stepped nonchalantly along with no hurry or urgency. Quigley performs an instant sit on request and is a healthy, robust canine who sports a proudly carried question mark tail and waltzes about wearing four distinctive white booties. At the end of the Bark Park photo session, the photographer was leaning against the fence composing the bio and looked around for his new friend but couldn’t find him. It took a few seconds, but the human finally found Quigley standing silently directly behind him, gazing up with eyes that had a new meaning, showing acceptance and a respect that hadn’t been noticed before. If you want a best friend that has your back and will always be there for you, Quigley is waiting for you at the Humane Society for Animals in Rogers, AR.




2 and a half year old male Jack Russell Terrier and Australian Shepherd Mix

“Brilliant in every way.”

Tahj will amaze you with his plethora of creatively inventive abilities and innate talents. Tahj displays his non-stop energy as he leaps skyward, chases down, corners, and retrieves every genre of squeaky toy in the Humane Society of Rogers’s arsenal. He did decide to take a short break from the activities with a reflective pause under the playground’s bright red park bench, posing with the most hapless squirrel squeaky on the planet. Tahj has intensely bright blue sanguine eyes which are always focused on you, asking for just one more toss, one more game and one more challenge. He is one of the most entertaining canines ever to grace the halls of the Humane Society. Tahj has a passionate devotion to his human family and would be happiest in a home that doesn’t entertain a lot of guests. He is fully house-trained and enjoys sleeping with his humans. When asked what he would like to tell the humans who might be interested in his adoption, Tahj proudly replied, “Check out my tail….it is a perfect example of a spiral that conforms to the Fibonacci numeric sequence found everywhere in nature.” What an expressively creative canine.


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