The late Will Rogers is quoted as saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” For as compelling as that line is for us to adopt in our daily lives, it’s just as true for the places we call home. When someone sees your house for the first time — whether a stranger driving down the street or a friend coming over for game night — what does its curb appeal say about you? 


There are a number of ways homeowners can achieve such eye-catching envy, and the folks at Acme Brick Tile & Stone specialize in all of those areas. From the elements in its name — brick, tile and stone — to custom doors, flooring, countertops and outdoor essentials, there’s not much Acme can’t do. And with a 100-plus year legacy, Acme has a level of trust, history and experience like few others. 


“All Acme Brick is backed by our 100-year guarantee, ensuring the exterior of the home to be not only aligned with the customer’s tastes but also efficient and longstanding,” says David Messersmith, an outside sales representative for Acme. “Nothing gives us more satisfaction than having homeowners happy to agree that Acme Brick is the best thing to have around your house. At Acme, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality materials, combining sustainability and style, used to help each homeowner’s vision come true. Our wide range of blends, variations and textures allows each individual the opportunity to make a selection that will be unique and beautiful.”


But Acme is more than just a product and name; it is the people that hold it all together. Many different divisions come together on each project to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer. From drivers to accounting, sales representatives to kiln workers, all employees of Acme work together to create a positive experience to match the lifetime of its brick.


“What I most enjoy about my job is seeing the skills and knowledge of our staff come together to provide a great customer experience,” says Acme district manager Chad Bowie. “Our company is built on a foundation of brick manufacturing, but we continue the pursuit to offer more than just the essentials to homebuyers, builders and architects.”


An Acme home delivers benefits that transcend curb appeal, including natural insulation, reduction in maintenance costs, lower insurance rates, a higher resale value and fire protection.


“Acme Brick gives the homeowner the opportunity to achieve almost any look and style they desire with a product that will last for generations to come and that’s something I am very proud to be a part of,” says Jefferson Baldwin, residential field sales representative at the Northwest Arkansas office. “No doubt, the homeowners feel the same way when they see the Acme name stamped at the end of the bricks. To know that I’ve played a role in something that will last many generations because my customer chose to use Acme Brick brings me a tremendous amount of satisfaction.”  


With top-of-the-line products and even better people, first impressions come easily at Acme.


Modern brickmaking is energy efficient to begin with, but through aggressive energy management, Acme has cut the amount of gas required to fire an Acme Brick by 17.4 percent since 2003. We also fine-tune delivery routes to reduce “empty” miles traveled and cut overall fuel consumption.


Being smarter about energy is key to keeping Acme Brick affordable for homebuyers.


Our Mission is to continually improve the value of Acme Brick Company by: 

• Offering high-quality products and exceptional service; 

• Providing an ethical, safe, and rewarding work place; 

• Operating in an environmentally responsible manner; and 

• Serving as a positive influence in our communities.


We have flooring, countertops, stone(real and manufactured), fireplace kits, grills, iron doors, bathtubs, and much more!


For more information on Acme Brick’s sustainability story, talk to an Acme representative. • (501) 812-5574