Goodbye, Halloween. Hello, holiday season? Not quite yet. Before we pull that tinsel out of the attic, let’s pause for an often overlooked (and underappreciated) celebration: Thanksgiving.


With COVID-19 health and safety guidelines, our tables may be less full than normal. But that won’t stop us from creating a gourd-geous floral arrangement for our guests to enjoy.


With these three steps, we’ll be ready to feast well before the turkey’s ready:


  1. Set the bas(t)e: Embrace the intimacy of your smaller than usual gathering with a low floral centerpiece. Begin with a base of three pie pumpkins or mid-size square glass containers spaced evenly down the table, which will allow the guests to easily converse or share dishes.
  2. Weave in interest: Place small and medium-sized gourds between the pumpkins or containers and accent with bittersweet vines or dried leaves of green, white and taupe. For seasonal purists, stick with traditional fall colors of orange, gold or red.
  3. Let it bloom: Fill the vessels with fresh water and cut seasonal stems such as hydrangeas and sunflowers, available at Tipton & Hurst each Wednesday for BOGO. For even less arranging, substitute small blooming plants for individual flowers.


The gourds will last for weeks. If we layer in everyday china such as Juliska’s Forest Walk or a versatile Hester and Cook table runner, we can extend the life of our tablescapes even longer.


Regardless of the décor we choose, our DIY Thanksgiving tables will be done in 30 minutes or less, so we can focus on prepping—or pre-ordering—a delicious meal for our families.


Chris Norwood, AIFD, is the vice president of Tipton & Hurst, the state’s leading florist since 1886 with five locations in central Arkansas. For more information, visit


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