5 Ways to Fight Thinning Hair

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Do you crave hair volume? Are you constantly searching for that magic product that will give you thick, luxurious hair as promised? Women with fine, thin hair struggle for thickness. “The curls don’t stay,” they say, or “It just falls flat to my head when I walk out the door,” or “It splits and I have a bald spot.” Then there’s, “It’s too fragile and it just breaks off.” Do any of these sound like you? Well, worry no more! Finding the “root” of the problem is the first step to solving your thinning woes.

Your hair might not be as thick as it used to be, or you might have born with baby fine hair. That’s okay. It’s the circle of life that our “crown and glory” endures. Whether it’s your health, age, hormones, medicines, or just genetics, there are ways to conquer the daily battle.

1. Take the Weight Off

First, let’s start with the overall problem. Is your hair too long? Is it one length? Is it over-processed with bleach? These are simple fixes. Sometimes less is more. The longer the hair is, the thinner it is. Longer lengths will cause your hair to lay flat on your head and cause your ends to be thin. Take the weight off with layers to create volume to the roots. Also, have your ends blunt cut, such as in a bob or straight across. This will create the illusion of thick hair. Don’t be afraid to try bangs. Having some face framing will add fullness as well.

2. Take Your Vitamins

Second, if it is breaking off, then you need to stay clear from bleach. Give your hair protein treatments and try vitamins such as Biotin. It works if you stick to it.

3. Try A Treatment

There are a lot of products out there that promise you the world, but how do you know which one is right for you? One product I use on my clients is Nioxin, a hair loss treatment that stops hair loss and eventually gives you new hair growth with continued use. Redken Cerafill, ReGenesis, Bosley and Aveda Invati are some of the top lines along with Nioxin.

4. Keep Things Light

For styling your hair, look for styling products that are lightweight and don’t carry a lot of alcohol or wax. These products dry and weigh down the hair. Use dry powder or mousse for root volume. Sexy Hair and Redken are two product lines that I use for thin-haired clients.

5. Take Care of Your Hair

One last but important thing: Dandruff can also contribute to hair loss. If your pores are clogged, then your hair follicles can’t breathe and they might die and fall out. So keep your scalp clean. Try T/Gel shampoo or a green tea shampoo. This will stimulate the red blood cells to the surface and promote healthy strong follicles. Take care of your hair and it will take care of you.

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