Your 5-Step Guide to Skin Care in Arkansas: Fall Edition

When the seasons change, your skin changes. You may have been an oily skin type and notice that you are now a normal skin type, or maybe you had dry skin and now your skin is overwhelmingly oily. It’s time for a skin care assessment. An easy switch up with the appropriate products will help you adopt your new “fall” skin care regimen.  Not sure what your skin type is? Visit a dermatologist or your local cosmetics counter. With just a few questions, they can help lead you in the right direction for your new skin care routine. Check out this fall guide for your skin care routine:

Exfoliate with tea tree oil. Image source

1. Exfoliation: Exfoliation should follow you from your summer skin care routine to your fall skincare routine. Dry and flaky skin tends to be a problem during the fall. Gentle exfoliation is the key to attacking flaky skin and dry areas on the face and body. Try adding tea tree oil for a soothing sensation as you buff your skin once or twice a week. (Image source)

Product usage ideas from the field - Coffee table book

2. Seal your lips: Seal your lips with a protectant: lip balm. Balms with avocado butter, coconut oil or vitamin E keep the lips moisturized and soft. No one wants to call the hogs with cracked lips. My favorite balm is Burt’s Bees’ wild cherry flavor. Try making your own lip balm with this recipe! (Image source)

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3. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize: One more time: moisturize. The fall air tends to be drier, and your skin may act accordingly. You need to find a moisturizer that is thicker and greasier with a higher glycerin base to fight the dry skin. A thicker moisturizer will seal in the moisture and keep you skin hydrated. Products like Aquaphor Healing Ointment are especially good for those rough areas like the elbows and knees. (Image source)


4. Use cuticle oil: The fall air in Arkansas is rough on the cuticles. You have probably tried hand creams to no avail, and your cuticles are suffering. Try cuticle oil. It can give your cuticles a healthy look and feel. A quick oil rub two-t0-three times a week will get you cuticles in shape in no time. (Image source)maybelline-BB

5. Sunscreen: Although you may not be hanging out by the beach or playing at the lake, sunscreen is still a necessity. While your body is covered with more clothing in the fall like long sleeves and pants, you still need to make sure your face is protected. Find a sunscreen that is less oily, and one that is for faces. I use Coppertone Oil Free Faces when I’m not wearing makeup. It gets me through the weird days of fall in Arkansas — cool and crisp in the morning, warmer temps during the day and dewy evenings come nightfall. When I am wearing makeup, I make sure to use a BB cream that has at least 15 SPF. Maybelline has an inexpensive BB cream found at many drug stores and local big box retailers. (Image source)

Fall in Arkansas is a beautiful time of year in our state. Just like scenery changes during this season, so does our skin. In order for us to maintain a healthy southern glow, we must recognize the changes in our hormones that affect our skin. You shouldn’t be resistant to changing skin care products, but open to exploring what’s right for your skin. I like to think of it this way: why would they make so many skin care products for us not to try them all?

Embrace change, and find new products that work wonders for you and your skin. Just make sure you have fun while finding your new fall skin care routine.

What’s your go-to skin care routine? Tell us in the comments below!

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