Summer is heating up! With temps soaring around 100 degrees in certain parts of Arkansas, the rising weather matches the rising excitement we all have for Arkansas 4th of July celebrations!


Whether you plan to host a backyard cookout or attend a potluck-style pool party, a festive drink is part of the experience! Today, we will highlight several family-friendly July 4th drinks that will be a highlight of your party! These drinks are great for all party guests – regardless of age. 


Red, White and Blue Mocktail 


This red, white and blue mocktail features grenadine for a vibrant pop of red. The key to making this color gradient drink made with Blue Powerade is to use full-calorie Powerade and make slow pours. As you pour, you want the stream of liquid to fall softly so as not to disturb the underneath color too much. Visit the original red, white and blue mocktail recipe for the technique on how to make pours for this drink.


The result is a beautiful and delicious drink that will wow your July 4th crowd! Plus, with so many different Powerade flavors and colors to choose from, the possibilities for customization are endless.You can follow this same drink-making method throughout the rest of the year to prepare drinks for other occasions. 


This red, white and blue drink is prepared as a mocktail – not to be confused with a cocktail. All guests can enjoy it, and it does not contain alcohol. 



July 4th Milkshake with Vanilla Ice Cream


This patriotic milkshake with vanilla ice cream combines vanilla ice cream of three different colors to create a layered color effect. See the process steps for this patriotic milkshake.


Another possibility is to find your favorite flavors of red, white and blue ice cream at the store rather than solely using vanilla ice cream. If so, you would be making this layered milkshake using three different flavors of ice cream. This means you would first need to consider how those three flavors would taste when mixed together.



July 4th Sorbet Float


This sorbet float only involves two ingredients! How is that for simple hosting? It truly doesn’t get much more simple than this one. You simply scoop in a couple scoops of patriotic sorbet – sold at many Arkansas Walmart stores – and add in just enough soda so that fizz arrives at the top of the glass. 


To speed up your hosting duties, you can scoop the sorbet into individual glasses ahead of your party. Place a tray with the glasses into a shelf in your freezer. When it’s time to serve the drinks, you only have to pour the Sprite over the scoops! 


Visit the original recipe post for this sorbet drink to see just how simple it is to prepare this drink!


Tips for Making July 4th Drinks


  • Serve all July 4th drinks in clear glasses or cups. A huge part of the appeal of these drinks is the layered colors of red, white and blue – so let those colors shine! 
  • Drinks need to be made shortly before serving. As with most cold drinks or ice cream drinks, they won’t stay cold long. As they melt, the layered look will break down as well. 
  • Serve with cute festive straws to amp the July 4th spirit! For the ice cream and sorbet drinks, you will also want to provide spoons. The drinks can be too thick for straws. 


Your guests will enjoy cooling down with one of these festive drinks this July 4th! Of course, it is appropriate to enjoy July 4th foods in the weeks ahead and after July 4th so there is plenty of time to experiment with all three versions! 


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