In 1999, Bill Parkinson saw the state of the new construction market and knew he could make something better. Twenty-five years later, Parkinson Building Group continues to go above and beyond for its clients while designing and building beautiful, fully custom homes across central Arkansas.


Parkinson and his team are motivated by each client’s desire to build something truly special. A custom home is often the culmination of years of dreaming and hard work, and Parkinson Building Group brings those long-awaited visions to life with the best products, subcontractors and service available.


Parkinson’s unique approach, based on building the best team for the needs of each job, sets the company apart and makes it a go-to for clients long after the sale. The team’s main goal with every project is to help clients not just get through the building process, but enjoy it as they work hand in hand to tackle the myriad decisions and obstacles that come with custom home construction.


“We have worked over the last five years to create wonderful teams of individuals to help our company execute the projects that we are blessed to work on,” Parkinson said. “This allows us to help more individuals reach their goals with their projects. We encourage people who call us to ask our past clients about their experiences. We value customer satisfaction and quality, and it is reflected in our reputation in the industry.”


That reputation is truly something to be admired. Parkinson’s years of experience, coupled with his long-tenured team members, make for consistent results, no matter what happens in the ever-evolving construction industry. Parkinson’s teams have the network and relationships to address issues as they arise with as little impact on the owner as possible — a feat that less-seasoned professionals may struggle to overcome.


For those whose dream home is still a dream, Parkinson advised spending the time up front on detailed planning and selections. It is exciting to start on the project of a lifetime and for good reason, but careful work in the early stages will help ensure things go smoothly, saving owners time and money.


Parkinson is a proud member and past board member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Little Rock and the National Home Builders Association. Parkinson Building Group is one of only three accredited Southern Living Custom Builders in the state and collaborates with top home builders all over the country. In addition to scores of testimonials, the company has been featured in all manner of publications and has won numerous awards for its work.


“We feel blessed to have this level of resources, support and accreditation behind our name,” Parkinson said. 18122 Cantrell Road, Little Rock