The 2023 Tax Free Weekend is almost here! Beginning on Saturday, Aug. 5 until the end of Sunday, Aug. 6, all state and local sales tax will be waived on school supplies, including art supplies and instructional materials, as well as certain clothing and electronic devices. There are specific limits on these exemptions, however, it may be wise to double-check which items on your list qualify.


According to law, articles of clothing are only exempt so long as the individual item costs less than $100. For example, if you bought two pairs of shoes at $75 each, they would be exempt even though the total exceeds $100. Clothing accessories like handbags, jewelry, wallets and cosmetics are also exempt as long as they are under $50. Protective equipment like hard hats and safety goggles are not exempt, nor are sports equipment like ballet shoes, shoulder pads and baseball gloves.


The exemption on electrical devices only applies to “an item commonly used by a student in the course of study,” though this still covers most common electronics, from calculators to cell phones to laptops to printers. Additionally, there is no price limit, nor is there any requirement that the buyer actually be a student.


School supplies refer to items commonly used by students in a course of study, such as book bags, erasers, markers, rulers, art supplies like paint, paint brushes and drawing pads, or instructional materials like textbooks. As in the case of electrical devices, there is no price limit, nor do you need to be a student.


There are numerous rules about how tax exemption factors into things like layaways, discounts, rain checks, exchanges and deliveries, as well as more exhaustive lists of what items fall under each category. To find more information, visit the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration page for the 2023 Sales Tax Holiday.


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