Sunday is a big day, in case you haven’t heard. 


A football game will garner some $5.6 million dollars per 30-second ad for the Super Bowl. Viewership is predicted to get  98.2 million viewers which is an 11-year low. 


Some media folk were part of a preview of many of the spots at Cranford Co. with the Cranford boys and the Peacock Group with Denver Peacock and his staff. It’s a now-yearly event called “Bites, Brews, and Bragging Rights.” 


This year’s Super Bowl ads will feature big stars, humor, politics, cars and more cars. And Walmart has its first Super Bowl ad ever pushing Walmart Pickup. 


“Did you see the spot?” Jay Cranford says that’s the goal of advertisers. Monday morning, we’d like to hear which ones made you remember it the next day. 


These are some highlights we saw: 

  • Amazon ad: Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi and Alexa. Ends with an Usher song. Heavy branding with Alexa. 
  • Bud Light: Post Malone introducing the new seltzer.
  • Cheetos Popcorn: MC Hammer. Made us all laugh.
  • Lil Nas X and Sam Elliott. Doritos. “New Cool Ranch Doritos just got cooler.”
  • Google: Tears for this one. You’ve been warned.
  • Bloomberg: political ad with anti-gun advocates.
  • Michelob Ultra: Jimmy Fallon.
  • Genesis cars: John Legend and wife Chrissy Teigen. News reports claim a visual of a helicopter was edited out in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter crash last Sunday.
  • Mountain Dew Zero Sugar: Bryan Cranston doing his best Jack Nicholson impersonation from “The Shining.”

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