The 2020 Delta des Refuses exhibition is going digital in hopes of continuing its legacy despite COVID-19 restrictions.


Delta des Refuses is an artist-organized exhibit that features artwork that is denied by the Arkansas Arts Center’s annual Delta Exhibition.


For the exhibition’s fourth show, Delta des Refuses curator Rachel Trusty will continue to challenge paneled taste with a digital viewing of regionally-inspired artwork.


The exhibition’s website will provide a specific page for the 2020 exhibit and feature statements regarding the history of the show, Trusty said.


Each art piece will accompany a link to participating artist’s social media handles, websites, and online portfolios so viewers can have an interactive experience.


Rachel hopes this initiative will improve the credibility of future online exhibits.


“Many artists don’t consider online exhibits legitimate,” Trusty said. “With most museums having to go digital, it’ll change the foreseeable future for online exhibitions.”


The competition is open for entry until June 1. To qualify, participants must have entered into the 2002 Delta Exhibition and have had all works rejected.