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The Oaklawn Steadfast

By Maura Montez :: Photography by Jamison Mosley   his year Oaklawn Racing and Gaming in Hot Springs opened on a cold and foggy Friday the 13th in January to a lively crowd for its 113th year running.   There were no superstitious concerns from the thousands of people entering the gates and in the concourse bustling from the energy of f[...]

Giving the Gift of Freedom

By Brigette Williams :: photography by Jamison Mosley Ron King is a man of humility in his understated acknowledgement of his simple desire to make a difference in children’s lives with a bike of their own. King recalls watching a Christmas news story in 2008 about local police taking unclaimed bikes from police storage units and repairing them. "It[...]

Final Thought

It was one of those days you look back on years later and think, “How in the world did we do all that?” It was Nov. 23, 1968. The Saturday before Thanksgiving. As I recall, it was a perfect day for two small-town teens from Arkansas to be afoot in a big city: Dallas, Texas. The teens were yours truly and my buddy, Mack. I was barely 16. He had just turned[...]