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Happy Holidays!?!

HONESTY CAN BE YOUR FRIEND AS YOU JOURNEY THROUGH THE MERRIMENT OR NOT By Rebecca Ward   hristmas stopped being magical for me the year I found my doll and my Mickey Mouse watch in the linen closet. I was stunned, even though I had heard some disturbing talk that Santa Claus might not actually be a real entity, but rather a feeling or spirit [...]

Persistence and Positivity Fulfill Dream for CHI St. Vincent Physician

Perspective comes when you least expect it. It makes the grass on your side of the fence as green – or greener – than your neighbor’s. It kicks gratitude into high gear, and it gives you a chance to look at your life, determine what you really want, what stands in your way of getting there and how much you want to achieve that desire. Dr. Martha Rueda, a [...]