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Health: Arthritis

symptoms of arthritis are familiar to many folks: inflammation, stiffness in the joints, loss of movement, fatigue and pain. Arthritis affects more than 50 million people nationally and is now the leading cause of disabilities. In Arkansas alone, more than 653,000 people suffer from some form of arthritis, including 2,700 children, according to the Arthriti[...]

Health: A Grand Design

On April 8, Baptist Health Foundation will celebrate a goal well accomplished, a goal that benefits its eight hospitals and the 5,000 patients who receive world-class care at their facilities each day. Photographs courtesy of Baptist Health Foundation   Baptist Health Foundation will celebrate the completion of Baptist Health’s Capital Campaign wi[...]

Living: There's No Comparison

come into this world with more genetically loaded material than we might be comfortable knowing. My son imparted this information to me many years ago whilst he was studying medicine. I asked him few questions. I, after all, took college biology and remembered that certain physical characteristics were preordained — little chemical messengers that determine[...]