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Giving the Gift of Freedom

By Brigette Williams :: photography by Jamison Mosley Ron King is a man of humility in his understated acknowledgement of his simple desire to make a difference in children’s lives with a bike of their own. King recalls watching a Christmas news story in 2008 about local police taking unclaimed bikes from police storage units and repairing them. "It[...]

From Prison to Management … How Goodwill Helped Me Get My Life on Track: A Q&A with Sarah Pine

  Sarah Pine is the 2012 Graduate of the Year after completing Goodwill’s Transitional Employment Opportunity program. Q: When did you first start working for Goodwill?    A: December will mark my 5-year anniversary with Goodwill. Five years ago, I was fresh out of prison and had trouble finding a job because very few employers wanted to hire [...]