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Find Ebby Jane: In Search of the Vanished

n September 2015, Ebby Steppach packed her silver Volkswagen with everything she owned and drove off to live her own life. Time at home had become increasingly choppy as the spirited teenager chafed under what she considered the overly restrictive rules of her mother and stepfather. Almost exactly one month to the day after moving out, Ebby disappeared, l[...]

Gone Girl: The Disappearance of Ebby Steppach

n a breathtakingly beautiful day in downtown Little Rock — as the press conference announcing a $50,000 reward for information on the disappearance of Ebby Steppach concludes — a phalanx of reporters splinters in all directions to get additional comments. Laurie Jernigan removes her oversized sunglasses and gazes calmly into the reporter’s camera lens. A [...]