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Cast Your Vote for the Next Diamond Chef

The competition for Diamond Chef Arkansas 2018 is already under way. To enter, contestants submitted short videos on Facebook to illustrate their love for cooking, which range from the serious to the silly. Public voting on the videos ends at 11:59 p.m. Nov. 6, so cast your votes soon. Click here to see the videos and to submit your vote. Brandon Br[...]

The Golden Girl: Legendary Little Rock Restaurateur Hasn’t Missed a Step

ook up the word “lair” in any dictionary and chances are Mary Beth Ringgold’s office will leap off the page. Tucked into a crow’s nest-type cranny in the cavernous Cajun’s Wharf, the room bursts with uniform catalogs, invoices, reams of reports, forms, vendor orders and copious miscellany. Personal photos elbow for wall space amid framed magazine articles an[...]