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The Back Story: Elvis in Marianna

Few cultural phenomena compare to the meteoric rise of Elvis Presley in the 1950s. Sure, the Beatles had their moment a few years later, but they were an import. Elvis was a purely American creation — the poor boy from Tupelo, Miss., who took gospel and rhythm and blues and packaged it into a hip-shaking, Brylcreemed personification of Everything that Made P[...]

The White House Café

he White House Café opened in 1907 in downtown Camden by Hristos Hodjopulas, who had moved to southern Arkansas from Greece. The wedge-shaped edifice was built right next to the train tracks, a two-story structure at the end of the downtown district. Shortly thereafter, Hodjopulas sold the place to his cousin James Andritsos, who kept the place open 24 hou[...]