Bring your tribe of women to the fourth installment of Stories of Empowerment. In honor of Women’s History Month, ESSE and Women’s Foundation of Arkansas are partnering with Amy Robinson of Fayetteville-based Tribe of Women for a special program on advancing gender equity, that will take place March 9th from 5-7 p.m. at Esse Purse Museum.

They will engage over topics of connectivity, acceptance, and leadership among women, as well as strategies over how to harness our collective power. When one of us succeeds, our tribe succeeds. How do you tribe?

You may purchase tickets through the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas‘ website or call 501-244-9740. Limited spots available.

:: Photography by Stacy Cox of Misozi Photography ::

Stories of Empowerment committee and guest speakers pose for a photo following the September 29th session ‘Women Rising.’ From left to right: Jasmine Medley, Sericia Cole, Maddie Spickard, Abby Olivier, Anna Beth Gorman, and Michelle Barnes.

Stories of Empowerment guests participate in the inspirational ‘Women Rising’ balloon release activity, led by Michelle Barnes of Real Images.