Does fighting frizzy hair in the South seem like a never-ending battle? Tired of looking like a walking puffball? Here are a few award-winning, anti-humidity hair products and tips to beat the heat and look fabulous doing it.

It all starts in the shower. Your shampoo and conditioner play an important role. Our hair is our crowning glory, so sometimes splurging a little on the right product for your hair can go a long way. Redken Frizz Dismiss is a sulfate-free shampoo for humidity and smoothing control.

CHI Silk Infusion is an excellent smoothing serum that controls unruly, fuzzy ends while protecting your hair from the heat of your blow dryer and styling tools. Use it before you blow dry and after. If your hair is fine and thin, then you might be better off using a spray oil such as Style Sexy Hair 450 Blow Out instead of a serum, which could weigh down your hair. Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Serum is a leave-in conditioning treatment for chemically treated hair.

As for styling tools, the CHI Flat Iron is one of the best irons on the market. It works well, comes with a warranty and is well worth the investment.

Another tip: don’t fight Mother Nature. Let your hair flow in beachy, summery waves. Redken Beach Envy Volume Wave Aid, which defines your hair’s waves, allows you to go with the flow, without looking like you just rolled out of bed.

Last but not least is the Kenra Platinum Heat Block Spray 22. This is not only a thermal protector, but also a finisher to lock out humidity. The product is a fine mist that won’t mess up your finished look.

There’s just one rule to live by: wear your hair, don’t let it wear you. If you only use one of these products, you’re beating the heat!