Stay Dapper On Valentine’s Day With These 3 Fashion Tips

According to legend, Valentine’s Day is named for Saint Valentine, an early Roman Christian who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers who were banned from getting married.

Today Valentine’s Day is considered the quintessential date night for lovers. Here are some tips for choosing an outfit for a romantic and memorable night out.

1. Real men wear pink: 

Want to go all-out this Valentine’s Day? Try wearing pink. Although branded as a color for little girls in modern times, pink was historically a masculine color, as it is lighter shade of red, which was associated with blood and the battlefield.


2. Roses are red: 

For a classically romantic look, nothing says fiery passion like a deep rich red. Plus, if you get wine (or lipstick) on your shirt collar, no one will be the wiser.

3. Royal in purple: 

If pink and red are a bit too bold for your taste, opt for a subtle purple. Long considered the color of kings, wear this color to properly court your noble queen.

Ties by Taft, The Accessorized Man and Weekend Casual offer a selection of charming men’s accessories. Pair them with your existing wardrobe to create a debonair look for the perfect romantic evening with the lovely lady in your life.

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Featured image courtesy of Wendy Kelley Photography

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