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Murder Mystery: Murder in the Ozarks

Hwy 9, southwest of Melbourne, is curvy and hilly like most Ozark roads. In case of car trouble or other emergencies, motorists can pull over in areas designed for that purpose. Tourists also stop to enjoy the beautiful Ozark vistas. On the morning of Sept. 27, 2004, a group of people gathered along Hwy 9, but not to help a motorist in distress or to[...]

Murder Mystery: Scandalous Arkansas Trials

(top photo) Detectives John Hutchinson (left) and Al Dawson escort Orsini to jail.   Like juicy gossip, trials titillate and fascinate, often proving that fact, if not stranger than fiction, is at least weirder. Arkansas has had its fair share. Photography courtesy of Central Arkansas Library System Archives   the morning of Sept. 26, 197[...]

From chemist to CEO, Rosalind Brewer

  By Mille Alderman Photography courtesy of Wal-Mart Brewer joined Wal-mart as regional vice president in 2006, overseeing operations in Georgia. From 2007 to January 2012, she was division president of the southeast. Most recently, she was executive vice president and president of Wal-Mart East, a territory that includes nearly 1,600 stores in s[...]