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Health: 26.2 Miles, Just For Starters

The Little Rock Marathon was one of Andre Slay’s first races as a runner. Now he’s trying out for the United States Paralympics track team. Photography by Janet Warlick   Slay hadn’t really planned to become a runner. Slay, who has a private pilot’s license and is training to become a pilot instructor, lost his right leg below the knee followin[...]

Top 10 Tips to Cut Calories on Super Bowl Sunday

Save thousands of calories by following these 10 rules.   1.) Go Naked: Replace all buns or breading for sandwiches with a lettuce wrap alternative to cut calories, stabilize blood sugar and boost fiber and micronutrient intake. 2.) Hydrate: Drink at least two to four cups of water before eating and one to two cups every 15-30 minutes after you s[...]