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Internal Medicine Physician Keeps Her Eye on the Prize

Most people will tell you that the key to success is setting a goal and working every day toward it. Most people, however, get diverted or change goals before ever achieving their original aim. Not Dr. Kristi Sutton. An internal medicine doctor for CHI St. Vincent Primary Care – Hot Springs Village – Ponce deLeon, Dr. Sutton sets her heart, mind and inten[...]

Kismet Worked Its Charm for Primary Care Physician

In a time long ago, there was a catchy little tune called, “Don’t Worry. Be Happy.”It urged anyone who listened to take a deep breath, square the shoulders and realize that everything works out – one way or another. For Dr. Marcus Chu, this advice led him to a thriving clinic in Hot Springs Village. Q: As a young man with a toddler, what is it like treati[...]

Primary Care Physician Keeps Family Front and Center

Talk with Susanna Shermer, M.D., for just one minute, and you will immediately feel better. The family practice physician who works at CHI St. Vincent Primary Care in Midtowne and the medical director of Grow Learning Center, Dr. Shermer comes from a familial line of doctors and continues the tradition of personal care with her patients and community. A n[...]