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The White House Café

he White House Café opened in 1907 in downtown Camden by Hristos Hodjopulas, who had moved to southern Arkansas from Greece. The wedge-shaped edifice was built right next to the train tracks, a two-story structure at the end of the downtown district. Shortly thereafter, Hodjopulas sold the place to his cousin James Andritsos, who kept the place open 24 hou[...]

A Romantic Chateaubriand for Two

By Kat Robinson :: Photography by Grav Weldon   andlelight. Music. What delicious meal makes the perfect at-home dinner date for Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Chef Billy Ginocchio at Pulaski Tech's Culinary Institute shows us how to prepare Chateaubriand, an extraordinary dinner for two.     WHAT IS CHATEAUBRIAND? It’s the center[...]

Wings Over The Prairie

The week of Thanksgiving is always a time to gather with family. In Stuttgart, the Duck and Rice Capital of the World, a larger family gathers to celebrate the bounty of the Arkansas Grand Prairie. This year, the east Arkansas town celebrates the 81st Annual Wings Over The Prairie Festival, a fete that will bring in visitors from all over the world to hear[...]