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Fall Hair Trends for the Modern Woman

In case you may not have noticed, the ‘80s are trying to slowly slip back onto the trend list. However, balayage and ombré are not going anywhere just yet. Right now, it's all about melting colors together, which makes sure there are no root lines. These styles are great for the busy woman on the go. Bobs and “lobs” – long bobs, for those who aren’[...]

Humid Hair: Fighting Frizz in the South

Does fighting frizzy hair in the South seem like a never-ending battle? Tired of looking like a walking puffball? Here are a few award-winning, anti-humidity hair products and tips to beat the heat and look fabulous doing it. It all starts in the shower. Your shampoo and conditioner play an important role. Our hair is our crowning glory, so sometimes spl[...]