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The Banker Behind Southern Bancorp

Darrin Williams, CEO Of Southern Bancorp Southern Bancorp • 800-789-3428 • For Darrin Williams, becoming CEO of Southern Bancorp was not happenstance. It was predestined. Before taking the reins, he served as chief deputy for then Attorney General Mark Pryor. He was a partner in a securities class action law firm, and in 2008, was ele[...]

The Banker Behind First Community Bank

Dale Cole, Chairman & CEO of First Community Bank First Community Bank • 800-971-4671 • Dale Cole, chairman & CEO of First Community Bank, is a veteran in the financial industry. He began his career in 1974, in downtown Dallas. Years later, he would found First Community Bank after going door to door, collecting exactly [...]

Vicky Williams: A Story of Survival

Vicky Williams fell in love with her best friend. They met in the sixth grade and began dating in high school. As an interracial couple in Texas during the late 1970s, their relationship had its obstacles. But according to Vicky, those obstacles only made their love grow.  By senior year, he had offers to play college basketball and Vicky had plans to att[...]