This month’s issue was centered around all things home, lifestyle & food. To honor this, we are opening up a photo contest for a chance to win a $100 gift card to The Good Earth Garden Center! Send us a favorite photo of your home, garden, or even a room in your home, telling us what you like most about it and/or the elbow grease that you have put into it! Who knows? We may even feature your photo in the magazine! Email all entries to


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1. Outlets of Little Rock Shopping…

Outlets of Little Rock is a truly distinctive shopping destination in Little Rock, Arkansas, featuring some of the best brand names with 70 stores. One lucky shopper can win a $50 gift card to JCrew!


Deadline: April 17


2. Little Rock’s YaYa’s Euro Bistro’s patio…

Little Rock’s YaYa’s Euro Bistro patio is waiting for you to come out and enjoy a good time. One lucky reader can secure a $100 gift certificate to spend time enjoying one of YaYa’s chef’s specialties.


Deadline: April 17


3. We bet there are many things you could do to beautify your yard…

With a $100 gift certificate from The Good Earth Garden Center, Little Rock. Enter for a chance to be the one AY reader selecting items to complete your yard vision.


Deadline: April 17

4. The Ohio Club in Hot Springs…

Is a great place to start or end an evening. You may be the lucky person to receive a $50 gift certificate to The Ohio Club for drinks and appetizers.


Deadline: April 17


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