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A Letter From The Editor-Celebrating New Beginnings

t was indeed a privilege to spend time with Lulu Chi, matriarch of the Chi family, whose many dining establishments’ offerings have for years tantalized the palates of Arkansans and beyond. A fascinating woman, her energy and youthful spirit are contagious. So, I was thrilled when she reluctantly agreed to talk to us about her family’s celebration of the Chi[...]

Winning At Winter Garden Design

hen winter is upon us and the garden goes quiet, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the successes and mistakes of the previous year. Once you’ve finished pondering your wins and losses -– ideally with a slice of pie and hot coffee in your hand -– it’s time to plan for the future. I love to do that by thinking about garden design. Take a bird’s-eye view [...]

Retreating to Roderweis

By Autumn Jacob  :: Photography by Jamison Mosley An easy thirty-minute drive from Little Rock ensures a relaxing escape from the bustle of busy workdays. n the Cabot home of Bob Woller and Kara Wright, architectural details and unique pieces create a warm, private retreat set on eight acres. Built in 1975, the traditional style home was featured in Bett[...]

Redefining Retirement

By Tracy Courage ::  Photography by Cindy Momchlilov any Arkansans already know that the Natural State is a good place to work and raise a family. And many are also finding that it is a good place to retire to. Arkansas' abundance of outdoor recreational activities, generally mild climate and relatively low cost of living compared to many states, attract pe[...]

Getting To Know Jonesboro

By Shelby Styron :: Photography by Jamison Mosley   ow I know, I didn't know Jonesboro. Most of the little that I did know about the home of the A-State Red Wolves I learned when many of my high school friends headed northeast for Arkansas State University. My friend Casey and I attended a Relient K concert there when we were 15. (Her dad drove [...]

HIKING ARKANSAS' Winter Wonderlands

-Chilly temperatures are not a reason to miss the great outdoors when you can enjoy Arkansas' winter beauty with the right preparations. Outdoor enthusiasts Thomas Wallace and Maura Montez of Little Rock take a rest during a day hike in The Natural State. By Frank Barton :: Photography by Jamison Mosley & Janet Warlick f all of the outdoor assets and[...]

The Root Cafe

By Brigette Williams :: Photography by Jamison Mosley   t's a bit after nine on a cold Saturday morning. The air is filled with good home cooking aromas-biscuits in the oven, the sweetness of pastries, sausage and hot coffee. Tables are filled with friends holding lively conversations. A line of a dozen or so folks eager to have breakfast scan the d[...]