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Happy Holidays!?!

HONESTY CAN BE YOUR FRIEND AS YOU JOURNEY THROUGH THE MERRIMENT OR NOT By Rebecca Ward   hristmas stopped being magical for me the year I found my doll and my Mickey Mouse watch in the linen closet. I was stunned, even though I had heard some disturbing talk that Santa Claus might not actually be a real entity, but rather a feeling or spirit [...]

Top 10 Things To Do In December

1. AN EVENING WITH CHRIS BOTTI FAYETTEVILLE DEC. 2 Baum Walker Hall at Walton Arts Center will fill with the sounds of the world’s best-selling jazz instrumentalist Chris Botti’s romantic melodies. With a loyal fan base grown over 40 years, his melodious trumpet will treat listeners to classics such as What A Wonderful World, Summertime and Over the Rain[...]

Inspiring Holiday Decorating

By P. Allen Smith :: Photography by Mark Fonville     hough I’m an advocate for “bringing the outdoors in” year-round, the holidays are the best time to celebrate that idea. It’s a brighter and more festive time of year, a time for molding live greenery into wreaths, garlands and centerpieces, and then, the pièce de résistance, bringing [...]

The Importance of College Alumni

By Tracy Courage     ore than 160,000 students are currently attending one of Arkansas’ four-year colleges or universities, but thousands more can claim alumni status. Long after commencements are over, Arkansas college alumni are staying connected - or reconnecting - with the schools that shaped their lives. Many graduates have stayed[...]

How The West Was Redone

Fort Smith reinvents itself as a cultural center while paying respect to its past. By Kody Ford :: Photography by Janet Warlick     f you had stepped foot in downtown Fort Smith a few years ago, you would have seen a very different town. While it was a city with its amenities, it seemed to be focused on its past, rather than its future.[...]

Traveling The Trail of Tears-Walking past paths today for a historical understanding

By Nathan's Sawyer :: Illustration by Micah David ollowing the path of history can lead down some difficult routes—especially when looking at European exploration, settlement and expansion in relation to the indigenous peoples who lived here first. But, as Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living,” and understanding the struggles of those who [...]